Our Executive Summary

Our Vision Statement

Lively Stone MB Church

Our Mission

Core Values

Our vision is where a safe and caring community is healthy, thriving, and vibrant; and where its residents enjoy an increased quality of life. With such a longstanding history in the Austin community, STONE CDC is positioned to revitalize and to strengthen urban life.

Community development is significantly impactful when it meets the diverse needs of low-income and disadvantage people and places for improved housing, education, employment, and health. By doing so, community development organizations such as STONE Community Development Corporation support and improve the lives of our citizens and empower them through social and
economic integration with the proper alignment of capital resources and social justice. However, the community in which STONE CDC works is a neighborhood of high social inequality, substantial barriers to advancement, and crime-ridden, blighted areas.

Our mission is to serve and to transform the oppressed and those who need empowerment in the Austin community.

Our Values

Lively Stone Logo

          Accountability: We accept responsibility for our actions and decisions as well as their consequences.

                      Integrity: We conduct ourselves professionally through fairness, honesty, and ethical behavior.
                                           We encourage what is right ​even in the face of adversity.

                  Excellence: We strive to excel in every aspect of our organization and approach every challenge
                                           with a determination to succeed.

Servant Leadership: We serve the community through innovation and creativity to enrich the lives of

                                           individuals and families.

             Collaboration: We work with our stakeholders as partners to support mutual understanding of ideas

                                           and open exploration of our differences.